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StarWalk KidsMedia is now Fable Learning.

At Fable Learning we are committed to serving a community of educators who are trying to instill their students with 21st Century digital literacy skills. In order to achieve this, we have created a library designed to support educators who are looking for high quality, well-written trade books, particularly nonfiction books, to support Common Core (CCSS) Reading and Writing strategies.

Teachers, Librarians, and School Media Specialists face increasing challenges in this era of escalating pressure for higher educational achievement, complicated by deep cuts to most public school budgets. Though they may not have tech backgrounds, all educators are now finding that they need to get comfortable quickly, as technology in schools is no longer relegated to the computer lab. Classrooms not only have desktop computers, but now they are beginning to be equipped with projectors, interactive whiteboards, iPads, Kindles and all manner of digital devices.

Children are digital natives who love gadgets and technology, and even reluctant readers are engaged by these new reading devices. The problem is, how do teachers and media specialists access quality digital literature, both fiction and nonfiction, to use in schools and libraries to support Common Core State Standards? StarWalk Kids Media is working with educators to develop solutions to these issues.

The StarWalk Kids collection is tightly curated for excellence, showcasing the work of award-winning authors and illustrators that educators know and trust. Familiar and respected names in the StarWalk Kids catalog include not only Seymour Simon, but also David Adler, Doug Cushman, Diane deGroat, Johanna Hurwitz, Kathleen Krull, Newbery Honor author Kathryn Lasky, Stan Mack, Caldecott-winner Emily Arnold McCully, Doreen Rappaport, Hudson Talbott, New York Times Best Illustrated Book Award winner Laura Vaccaro Seeger, and more. The collection is approximately 60% nonfiction, and covers Pre-K through 8th Grade.

Each eBook in the collection has been expertly adapted and professionally narrated in preparation for digital streaming via the best-in-class, proprietary StarWalk Reader™, and all titles are accompanied by a “Teaching Links” document developed by nationally known literacy expert and StarWalk Kids Director of Education Linda Hoyt.  The Teaching Links match each eBook to relevant CCSS standards, and provide suggestions for CCSS-appropriate teaching activities and further inquiry.

Other unique, defining features of the StarWalk Kids eBook platform:

1)   Affordability: Institutional subscriptions start at $595 for a single location: this means that the entire collection at a typical school of 400 students costs less that $1.50 per student for the first year.  Multi-site and district discounts are available to bring per-student pricing down even lower. There are no platform fees or other hidden costs, and the collection will continue to grow throughout each school year at no additional cost to the subscriber.

2)   Multi-user functionality: A whole class can read the same book at the same time without check-in/check-out delays or waiting lists.

3) Advanced Search features for Educators: Advanced search function allows Educators and parents to search for books by author, title, keyword, subject, Lexile® level, Alphabetic reading level and Common Core State Standard (CCSS) links.  This provides an easy and accurate method for selecting the right ebook for each reader.

4) Device agnostic: Our proprietary, browser-based StarWalk Reader™ works on virtually any device, including desktop/laptop computers, interactive whiteboards, and tablets.

5) Streaming access anywhere that the user has Internet connectivity (e.g. reading and writing a book report at home).

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