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CountryWatch, Inc. is a leading provider of country-specific information on the 195 recognized countries of the world. CountryWatch offers the following subscription options:


CountryWatch Premium

Offers comprehensive information, data, and news for each of the recognized 195 countries of the world offering these specific features:

  • Country Reviews™ - political, cultural, economic, social, demographic, business-oriented, and environmental information and data.
  • Country Wire™ - daily news wire stories covering the country's current events as well as an archive of stories for historical research.
  • CountryWatch Data - quantifiable data points on macroeconomics, metals, agriculture, and energy whereby you can make cross-country comparisons, download the data in .csv tables, and map/graph the data for visual use.
  • CountryWatch Map Gallery - thematic, political, and geographic graphs and maps to offer a visual research option for students and faculty.
  • Political Intelligence Briefing - weekly update of the world's hot spots and political changes.
  • Global Guide - interesting facts about the world such as the world's smallest and largest countries both in territory and in population, the capitals of countries, and explanation of nation states vs. countries.

CountryWatch Forecast

20-year forecast with 5 years of historical data for 195 countries on the following variables:

  • Macroeconomic variables include GDP and its principal components: consumption, investment spending, government spending, exports and imports, inflation, interest rates, inflation rates, foreign exchange rates, and fiscal policy including tax rates.
  • Energy - major fossil fuel markets: petroleum, natural gas and coal along with production of electricity from nuclear, hydro, biofuels, and renewable resources.
  • Metals - major industrial metal markets: copper, aluminum, lead, tin, nickel, zinc, gold and silver.
  • Agriculture markets include: corn, soybeans, rice, coffee, cocoa, and wheat.

CountryWatch Briefing

Provides a thorough and regularly updated report on each of the 195 countries around the world:

  • Country Capsule includes background information on each country, accompanied by maps.
  • Politics boasts both domestic coverage as well as foreign policy analysis.
  • Economy includes a comprehensive data set of macroeconomic, energy, agricultural, and metals data.

CountryWatch Culture Watch

Database tailored to students exploring the countries of the world and global events:

  • A combination of background information on specific countries.
  • Current events coverage.
  • A guide to the formation of countries within global context.
  • Curriculum-based resources with lessons and quizzes.
  • Colorful international images of popular attractions, physical/thematic/political/country maps, and flags for each country.
  • Cultural information including cuisine, social etiquette, holidays/festivals, and the arts.

CountryWatch Videos

Collection of short video documentaries for 24 high-profile countries:

  • Covering geography, history, politics, and economics of the country.
  • Quick orientation on a specific country for those with a general interest in a geographic region.

CountryWatch Elections Central

Online resource focused solely on international elections:

  • Past and upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary Elections from around the world.
  • Elections Profiles - summary of selected elections: the positions at stake, the names of the candidates running in the final election, and the past outcomes. The Profiles cover dates 2009 to 2016.
  • Country Profiles – country overview in which elections are held, including an outline of the current government structure.
  • Special Elections Report: The Road to the White House - Extensive United States Election coverage for 2008, 2012, 2016.

CountryWatch Suite

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