1. What eBook collections are available to Califa members?
Califa has negotiated group purchasing options on several of the eBook products available. These include the 3M Cloud Library (discount on maintenance and setup), eBrary, and enki Library, developed by Califa and Contra Costa County Library. enki is an open source platform owned by the consortium, with titles purchased directly from publishers, and again, owned by the consortium. Please note that some collections you may be familiar with through Califa are no longer available to new libraries - these include the BWI Missions of California eBook series, and the Safari Tech collection from ProQuest (existing libraries are not affected, but the collections are closed to new libraries).

2. Are marc records available?
Generally yes, though the quality varies from vendor to vendor.

3. Are marketing materials available?
Almost every vendor has some type of marketing materials that they can share with your library to drive usage of their collections.

4. How do I find out more about each vendor?
The easiest way is to send an email to califa@califa.org, which we can route to the appropriate vendor. Please note that if you go directly to the vendor, we can’t be responsible for ensuring that you receive the Califa price in your quote.