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PressReader is a place for people to find, share, and talk about great content from anywhere in the world. We’ve partnered with thousands of publishers to give readers unlimited access to leading newspapers and magazines from around the world. We’re all about choice. Readers can browse PressReader online or download entire issues to a phone or tablet using the PressReader app.

Libraries today are faced with limited budgets and a mountain of resources to choose from on a title-by-title basis. PressReader offers a one-stop, unlimited access solution serving large multicultural communities in the public and academic space. It's an all-you-can read solution for newspapers and magazines from 120 countries in 60 different languages within or outside the library (on desktop and mobile).

  • Patrons can customize their reading experience: read, translate, bookmark, create topic/email alerts, and much more.

  • PressReader offers patrons the choice to read what they want and as much as they want.

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