In the spirit of not duplicating efforts, and streamlining processes for libraries in California, we have created this RFP Library where members may view and share RFP's which may be applicable to their own projects. To add yours, email it to

Bridging Consultant
from Carlsbad Bridging Consultant RFQ 10-8-13 Final

Cataloging Outsourcing
Cataloging Outsourcing from Palos Verdes

Classification and Compensation Study
from Sonoma County
RFP_6 3 13
Addendum_6 10 13_Attachment C_Service Agreements_Sample
Questions and Answers RFP Sonoma County Library

Coffee Cart
from Carlsbad
Cole Library Coffee Cart RFP 2012 Final
Cole Coffee Cart License Agreement Final 2013

Facilities Planner
from Stanislaus County
RFP - Project Master Facilities Planner 11-2-06 draft

Perodical Procurement and Delivery
from Palo Alto
Library Subscription Service RFP
Solicitation Plan Checklist

Serials Vendor from Palos Verdes

Self Check
Self Check from Mendocino County
33-13 RFP Library Self Check Out _Final

Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning from Sonoma County
Strategic Plan Facilitation

Theater Tech and Event Support
From Huntington Beach
Request for Proposal - Theater Tech and Event support

Website Redesign
from Sonoma County