Vendor Fair

Annual Vendor Fair at Santa Clara Univ 

Announcement from Linda Crowe, Califa Executive Director.
Friday, January 9, 2015
It is with both regret and a sense of anticipation that I officially announce my retirement today. I came to PLS in 1983 and have seen PLS grow and move forward in a true model of sharing and collaboration. The work in building the mega systems and PLP has been challenging and rewarding. While I have been Executive Director of Califa, we have had many entrepreneurial enterprises and opportunities that have benefited all libraries in California, both from a visionary as well as a cost-savings perspective. I will continue to work part-time for Califa with CENIC on the broadband infrastructure project.

I expect that an announcement will be made next week regarding my successor and the timing of the transition, but I wanted to give you this information personally.

Linda Crowe

The Califa Group is a non-profit multi-type library consortium representing 220+ libraries in California, and beyond.  We negotiate discounted rates for group purchases on behalf of our members, and pioneer new technological projects.  In 2013 our members saved nearly $4 million by going through Califa, and many vendors found new customers by working with us. Make sure your library is getting the most out of your Califa membership by exploring all the various products and services we offer.

“…we really appreciate the purchase power and savings from Califa!”
-Gayle Meldau - City of Mission Viejo Library