Califa is the fiscal and strategic partner on a number of federal and statewide grant projects:


  • Open+ Pilot - Mobile Libraries grant
  • IMLS Grant 2019-2022: Evaluation Capacity Building for Public Libraries
  • Public libraries face a pressing need to evaluate their offerings and use the resulting evidence to inform internal decision-making. The Research Institute for Public Libraries (RIPL) has trained nearly 1,370 library staff nationwide on introductory evaluation. Califa Group - in partnership with the Colorado State Library, State Library of North Carolina, Rebecca Teasdale & Associates, LLC and LH Evaluation & Training Group - will build off RIPL's success by developing and piloting a nine-month cohort-based peer learning process to further advance evaluation skills, knowledge, and attitudes. Each cohort will evaluate a library program or service and produce empirical evidence to support internal decision-making. At least 30 public library staff members, representing 15 public libraries in three states, will complete the cohort experience. The project will also produce a library of at least 20 coaching videos that will be available for free on the project website, Infopeople platform, and the RIPL Community of Practice.
  • IMLS Award Notice
  • IMLS Grant 2019-2021: Library Services to Patrons with Disabilities: A Problem-Based Learning Approach
    Syracuse University, in partnership with Califa Group, has been awarded a 2019 Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Lifelong Learning, Continuing Education grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum & Library Services (IMLS) entitled “Library Services to Patrons with Disabilities: A Problem-Based Learning Approach.” This grant will expand and enhance current training opportunities for library and archives professionals in order to help them effectively service patrons with disabilities.
  • IMLS Award Notice
  • IMLS Grant 2018-2020: Library SecondNets: Libraries Using TV Whitespace to Develop Disaster Communications Kits for Second Responders
    Califa Group will develop and provide libraries with SecondNet Kits, wide area wireless networks using public spectrum Wi-Fi and TV Whitespace (TVWS) units, each with back-up power and portability, creating a redundant communications capability that strengthens community resilience in times of disaster. The SecondNet project will establish direct links between libraries and other second responders and develop an off-the-grid capability to run public-accessible autonomous communications networks even without the internet and create a national standard of requirements that optimize disaster response capability. These broadband library networks will be in daily use, outside times of disaster, and expand communications access for the public and for second responders when disaster occurs.
  • IMLS Award Notice
  • SimplyE:  Cross-platform eBook Discover App & Reader
    The California Library Services Board has designated $200,000 in one-time FY 2016/17 California Library Services Act (CLSA) funds to be used to facilitate the statewide deployment of SimplyE, an open source app allowing for the discovery and reading of eBooks from multiple eBook platforms including Overdrive, Cloud Library, OneClickdigital, Axis360, and enki Library, for California libraries. The SimplyE app was jointly funded by New York Public Library (NYPL) and the Institute of Museum and Library Services and developed to be a cross-platform eReading app, allowing patrons to discover and read all library eBooks using a single app.   
  • More about SimplyE (How to)
  • Watch a quick SimplyE video from our friends at Minitex!
  • VR Technology for California Public Libraries
    Virtual Reality—the use of technology to create an immersive experience that can be explored or interacted with—allows people to experience environments "live", as if you're really there. Identified by the American Library Association (ALA) as one of the 10 top library technology trends for 2016, VR can take you on a trip inside the human body, tour the solar system, explore the oceans, or learn to drive a car--the possibilities are endless. While VR is a top trend, it's still new to most public libraries, and guidance, training and support are needed so that libraries can fully understand and incorporate the use of these technologies. This California State Library LSTA grant project will enable Califa to offer 100 California public libraries the opportunity to receive a fully loaded VR system, complete with a VR-enabled computer/software/educational media catalog and Oculus Rift gear. Libraries will also receive training and ongoing support for their VR systems, through a web portal that will be built to provide information and resources for libraries on VR technology, capabilities, applications in libraries and promising practices. Libraries will also be able to get free or steeply discounted access to new VR titles as they are released. (more info ...)
  • enki eBooks:  Shared California eBook Platform with Library Owned Content
    The California Library Services Board has designated $300,000 in one-time FY 2016/17 California Library Services Act (CLSA) funds to boost statewide availability of ebooks by adding $200,000 in new content to enki library, an online platform of 60,000 downloadable titles including classic literature in the public domain, encyclopedias, fiction, non-fiction, travel, cooking and crafts. An additional $100,000 will go toward connecting CA libraries not yet using enki.
  • Rural Gateways: Fostering the Development of Rural Librarians as Informal Science Facilitators
    Dartmouth College was awarded this 5-year National Science Foundation Grant; and Califa is a subgrantee to support recruitment of rural librarians to participate in the project, curriculum development and establishing a community of practice.
  • California Revealed
  • Early Learning with Families 2.0
  • Get Involved: Increasing Volunteer Engagement