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Bibliotheca self-service, open+, return and sorting, holds lockers, cloudLibrary, and security detection.


 bibliotheca is dedicated to the development of library management solutions that help sustain and grow libraries around the world. Our products are designed to provide a welcoming, intuitive and seamless experience for those that use the library, wherever they happen to be – at home, on the move or within the walls of the library itself.

We’ve worked with libraries for 50 years and are proud of the many innovations we’ve brought to the industry in partnership with cutting-edge, technology-minded customers around the world. We have offices in all major continents and support libraries in more than 70 countries through our dedicated distributors. We partner with more than 30,000 unique libraries, helping them evolve their services and connect with their communities.

By employing a host of degreed librarians and immersing ourselves in library trend conversations, we understand the unique management challenges that today’s libraries face. Our innovative solutions help libraries transform perceptions, increase access to collections and spaces, and provide engaging interactions, all with the aim of enhancing the user experience.

From our comprehensive range of library-based digital, RFID, Electromagnetic (EM) Tattle-Tape and hybrid solutions, to our cutting-edge digital eBook and eAudiobook lending service, bibliotheca’s goal is to enhance the overall importance of libraries, empowering them to reinvent their services and encourage lifelong learning today and well into the future.


Products and Services

Self-service: it’s only convenient if it’s easy!

Our intuitive solutions were developed to meet the specific needs of library users. Not only can users easily borrow, return and renew physical items at our selfCheck kiosks, but they can also borrow items from their smartphones, receive interactive selfCheck receipts on the go, easily switch between multiple virtual library cards in-app, and discover digital materials both at the physical selfCheck and on the go.


Extending access and increasing open hours with open+

open+ is a comprehensive solution that allows libraries to increase their open hours and build community engagement with extended access to self-service resources, wireless connections, physical collections and inviting spaces. Not only can libraries attract new users who are unable to visit the library during traditional hours but they can also be more flexible with their staff hours and focus on literacy needs of the community beyond the four walls of the library.


Protect valuable materials in style: security detection

Keep your investment in physical collections safe with bibliotheca’s range of security gates. We offer a variety of options including wide-aisle gates designed to accommodate parents with strollers, disabled patrons, and large groups. We support both RFID and electromagnetic (EM) technologies with visually appealing designs to fit your library aesthetic while protecting your valuable materials.


Automated materials handling: Get books back on shelves faster

Completely customizable for your space and user requirements, flex AMH allows for the accurate sorting of library materials, improving efficiencies and service within any library! Accomplish work that used to require days in mere hours and reap the rewards of happier readers as well as library staff.


Remote holds pickup and outreach with remoteLocker

remoteLocker has been designed to extend the coverage and accessibility of your library service, offering users a self-service holds pick-up experience at locations and times more convenient to them. The modular system is customizable for any library or community space, while eye-catching graphic wraps help expand your library brand wherever the remoteLocker is located.


cloudLibrary: an app that empowers all readers

Creating a more engaging experience for your library users, cloudLibrary helps physical borrowers stay organized with a convenient virtual library card, interactive receipts, due date reminders, organized packing lists and the ability to sort/filter and favorite items. Boasting a clean and modern UI, this app helps library users manage their borrowing history with ease and clarity. With three distinct modules that libraries can mix-and-match, cloudLibrary delivers a great app experience for library users.


Staff tools and collection management

Staff time is precious. Our staff solutions focus on quick and easy tagging solutions, fast processing of items and helpful collection management tools. Our solutions take staff workflow into consideration, providing tools that keep your team happy while maximizing efficiency.


Easy reordering of library supplies

We offer a range of supplies needed to maintain your library investment in self-service. From RFID tags, Tattle-Tape Security Strips and receipt rolls to media locking cases, we offer customers the very best selection of options and make it easy to replenish supplies. Our tags, strips, and cases are guaranteed to work hand-in-hand with your bibliotheca equipment for seamless operation.


Friendly and knowledgeable teams you can count on

After investing in your library and community, you can count on bibliotheca to provide stellar on-going service. We begin by developing quality products that offer maximum long-term value. Our industry-leading service plans provide access to expert maintenance and repairs along with personalized support to minimize any inconvenience for library users. Additionally, we offer trainer-led educational webinars and provide free access to libraryConnect, where video self-help, tutorials and guides empower library staff to solve routine issues quickly and eliminate downtime.


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