1. I am a library vendor and I would like to offer my products to California libraries. How can I work with Califa?
Califa is always looking for new products and services to represent. To become a vendor, begin the process by contacting Kathy Kosinski, at kathy@califa.org. She will give you more information on how to become a Califa vendor. The first thing we will need is a proposal outlining the type of discount you are willing to offer our members. After we can agree to those terms, we will draw up a contract and begin working with you on marketing.

2. What kinds of services can you offer vendors?
While we want to make it very clear that we are not a sales team, we can help market your product to our 200+ members in California through a variety of marketing efforts, and can provide centralized invoicing solutions for you. Marketing efforts include: emails to our listservs, postings on our social media pages, space on our home page, and webinars. We also encourage you to be creative with us in your marketing efforts. We can work with you to implement different projects, and work best with vendors with whom we have a strong collaborative relationship.

3. Do you sign exclusive contracts?
No, we do not make any type of exclusive arrangements and will represent any vendor who meets our requirements.

4. What are your requirements for inclusion in your Vendor Partner Program?
We may do any, or all, of the following in deciding whether to sign an agreement with you:

  1. Talk to references of current customers (preferably in California)
  2. Review the accessibility of the product
  3. Introduce a trial to our members
  4. Speak with other consortia around the country with whom you have an agreement
  5. Have a webinar for our members

5. Do you invoice?

Yes, if you would like us to, we can handle invoicing of our members so that you just need to invoice us.

6. Do you take a commission?
We do ask for an overhead to cover our costs. It ranges in percentage based on whether or not we will be handling invoicing. When we begin negotiating, we can work out those details.