Privacy Policy

Califa provides access to the SimplyE eReader app, enki library ebooks, and a chromebook lending service to subscribing member libraries.

In the provision of these and all our member services, Califa complies with ICOLC Privacy Guidelines, California library confidentiality law (Calif. Govt Code Sect. 6267) and the Reader Privacy Act (Calif. Civil Code Sect. 1798.90 et seq.)

Califa does not receive or provide any personal data from third parties nor do we collect any information beyond what is required to operate a service, including the enki library eBook platform, the chromebook and the SimplyE eReader app.

Califa agrees to maintain the confidentiality of any data relating to the usage of enki and/or SimplyE by subscribing libraries and their authorized users. Such data may be used solely for purposes directly related to the functioning of the service provided. Raw usage data, including but not limited to information relating to the identity of specific users and/or uses, shall not be provided to any third party, except under process of law.