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Skillsoft Corporation has been helping patrons and corporate learners with key IT, programming, STEM and business eResources for over 20 years. As the global leader for eLearning, Skillsoft continues to innovate with new content and platforms designed for greater learner engagement, addressing diverse learning styles, and targeting solutions that only provide the best learning outcomes.

For 2019 Skillsoft introduces a new TECH content bundle that allows public and academic libraries to not only address their patrons research & learning needs, but deliver workforce development solutions including certification prep.  

We invite you to experience the new content bundle below, delivered through Skillport® our new platform that includes a Learning App.   Arm your patrons with the best in eLearning, for maximum outcomes and career advancement opportunities…..only from Skillsoft.  


SkillChoice® IT, Productivity & Collaboration TECH Bundle
With Skillsoft’s latest TECH bundle your patrons have access to 2,600+ eCourses, 14,500+ eBooks from over 220 publishers, and 35,000+ videos from certified industry experts.  We deliver broad and deep coverage of hundreds of technology topics, making Skillsoft a must have resource for self-paced and just-in-time learning.

  • Test Prep for leading IT and systems certifications

Only Skillsoft delivers hundreds of IT certification & test prep eCourses, developed in partnership with leading industry organizations. If your patrons get stuck, Skillsoft Mentoring Services from certified industry experts are included with many of our eCourses for Q&A via chat or email.

  • New Aspire® learning journeys provide patrons with a clear path to IT career advancement.  

Our Virtual Practice Labs® allow beginner, intermediate, or advanced programmers and IT professionals the opportunity to practice on real equipment and servers in a safe sandbox environment.

Why Skillsoft?  Watch. Read. Listen. Practice & Apply.

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