1. What is The Califa Group?
The Califa Group is a not-for-profit consortium made up of more than 230 public, academic, special and school libraries in California. We administer statewide programs, and negotiate special discounts from library vendors on behalf of our members. Last year we saved libraries in California nearly $4 million.

2. How do I Join?
If your library is not already a member (you can check by going to our member list) you may fill out a membership form online and mail or fax it to us. Membership begins the first of the month after we receive your form, and continues for one year.

3. Why should I join?
In addition to benefiting your own library (the average library saves $59 for every $1 spent on membership) your membership in the Califa library group also benefits all the other libraries in California by giving us more leverage when negotiating with vendors, and thus securing better prices on the products that libraries are purchasing.

4. What kinds of products can I get through Califa?
While we focus on electronic databases, we also provide discounts on supplies and physical products (from 3M) and library management tools such as patron satisfaction surveys (from Counting Opinions). We also offer eBook collections, including the Enki Library, developed by Califa and Contra Costa County Library, a platform owned by the consortium with titles purchased directly from publishers. See our complete vendor list for full information on the products and services we offer.

And please note that discounts are generally only available to new customers – if you are considering a purchase and don’t see it listed, before you sign a contract, email us. We can generally work something out with the vendor fairly quickly, ensuring that you get the discount. If you sign up with the vendor on your own, even if we wind up working with them later, you probably won’t qualify for the discount.

5. I have a question about an invoice. Who can I contact?
For questions about invoices, send email to billing@califa.org.

6. I am a vendor and would like to offer my product through Califa. Who can I contact?
Vendors may contact Paula MacKinnon, at pmackinnon@califa.org. We also would refer you to our FAQ for Vendors.

7. I have a question about a product. Who can I contact?
For questions about most of our products, and the order process, you may contact Paula MacKinnon, at pmackinnon@califa.org. For ContentDM and questions about most Statewide Grants, you may send email to califa@califa.org and it will be routed to the appropriate contact.