Bringing the Library to You: Mobile Library Solutions

Libraries Open+: Reimagining & Extending Library Access, Phase II:  2022-2024

As part of the California State Library’s “Bringing the Library to You” Mobile Library Solutions grant initiative, Califa invites California public libraries to apply to participate in this second phase of the Bibliotheca Open+ project:

Apply here: Libraries Open+ Application (Deadline June 24, 2022)

Ten libraries will be selected to receive funding to increase access to physical services through more open hours via the Open+ product. Specifically, funded libraries will each install Bibliotheca Open+ technologies in one branch location to provide additional open hours of service each week. There will be an informational webinar on June 16, 2022 at 10 a.m. The deadline for grant submissions is June 24, 2022.

Bibliotheca’s Open+ technologies allow patrons who opt in to use their library card to gain access to library spaces and make use of available services such as highspeed broadband and wi-fi, computers, hold shelves, and any other self-services the library chooses to make available during these self-service hours without fully staffed service.


Participating libraries will have access to setup funding of up to $5000 per library for any technical or facilities setup costs required to allow the library to make use of Bibliotheca's Open+ technologies. These can include any door alterations, installation of video cameras, and/or alarm system integration that are the responsibility of the library.  The grant will also fund the annual subscription fee to Open+ for up to 18 months, with the caveat that the work can be completed before October 1, 2022 when an 18 months subscription would begin. Funding is also available for travel to visit a current California Open+ library installation, if arrangements can be made and the library is able to accommodate. 

Background on this grant opportunity

The Challenge:

Many public libraries don't open for business until 10 a.m. and can close as early as 5:00 p.m.

The Opportunity:

This project is part of the "Stronger Together: Improving Library Access" grant. Califa will administer $226,346 in State grant funding to provide technology, service plans, and guidance on libraries seeking to bring this opportunity to their community. Working in partnership with Califa, public libraries will have expert help in making decisions on how to bring Open+ to their community. Libraries that participate will meet with other libraries in the field going through the installation process and learn from previous grantees who have already expanded their operating hours with this technology. Additionally, Bibliotheca will work with library teams to find solutions for making their building more accessible to the public for more hours.

There is no substitute for a well-staffed library. This solution expands the self-service options for your community.

If you have questions about Open+, please don’t hesitate to contact Paula MacKinnon at Califa!