Sunsetting of SimplyE and enki Library Programs

New York Public Library, the developers behind SimplyE, will be sunsetting the opensource program on June 30, 2024. After that date, there will be no further support for the app. This news, combined with the loss of funding for enki Library, has led Califa to offer SimplyE and enki Library for free to current subscribers for the 23/24 fiscal year.

What does this mean for SimplyE?

If you currently have a SimplyE subscription, it will continue at no charge. We will not be setting up new libraries on SimplyE. The help/ticketing system will still continue for the fiscal year, but the developer support will end on June 30, 2024.

----------- FOR SIMPLYE LIBRARIES -------------

SimplyE is a library-developed, open source eReader and eBook discovery app that simplifies the library user's experience in finding, borrowing and reading library eBooks.

Whether it's Overdrive, Cloud Library, Axis 360, RBdigital, BiblioBoard, Odilo or enki Library, your patrons can find, download and read all of the eBooks you purchase using a single app -- SimplyE.